Monday, December 14, 2015


    It has been awhile since I've posted about the little man. I'm sorry about that, seems like I had my own struggles this year and had a hard time getting myself figured out. He has grown leaps and bounds this year. Learning a new homeschool program and succeeding in his first semester with almost straight A's! He has been working on his behaviors and even took on two more dance classes this year as well as two parts in their nutcracker production. Don't get me wrong here ,we have bad days, really bad days and even great days. It's like riding a wave you never know which way it is going or how hard it is going to crash.

    I still struggle with parents who don't understand that Autism is not something you can see on the outside. It is in inner battle and many people have their own battles inside and are considered "normal". His are just different and you can't always see them. When you do see them they take on many forms. Could be a sensory overload issue and then he has an outburst, or maybe he is sensory seeking which for Jacob is rough play or in the past touching others hair to calm himself. It could be a transition or a sudden change of plans that sets him off.  Oh riding the waves....
   Other waves we are riding lately are dealing with services for the little man. Seems like the minute we get everything right in order and he is getting in the groove of things and then something gets changed through insurance or school. It's driving me nuts. Despite the issues of not knowing what is next for him, he seems to get great support from those who try with him. I can hear it in his voice when I say your name to him or the giggle he makes when I tell him you are coming over or we are seeing you soon. Some of you have been lucky enough to hear him express his love to you and others yet don't realize he does but those of you who have made of a point of talking with him about the things he loves or just trying to understand him have helped him this year. He feels loved and I love that!
  We took a trip in the spring to the ocean. He just loves the beach he had only been to the lake. This was his first trip to the ocean that he remembers and he was timid of the waves, but with encouragement from his sister he was loving them and riding them in. Ahh the waves. Thank you to all who have encouraged him, tried to connect with him and help him grow!