Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Missing Piece

    The best laid plans are that, plans. Things change whether or not you are ready. I wasn't ready, Jacob wasn't ready, but we had to pickup the pieces and reevaluate what was best for Jacob. That really is the most important thing right there. Being your child's advocate is the most important thing you can do for them. Disabilities or not, you know them best.  You know what they need what their strengths and weaknesses are and you should fight for them. I see so many parents not even engaging in their children's services.  Trust me, we picked up and left one and asked for changes when we knew they were not a good match. Well it looks like we are at another turning point where that puzzle piece is changing and we need to find a better fit.
    We have decreased ABA services to make room for Jacobs schooling. He did the same school program last year, but I saw a train wreck coming two days in this year. He was so far behind and not getting the same attention towards his lessons as last year from ABA. So now he is home all morning with me doing school. Two days in and I'm happy to say its working for now. I have him enrolled in a online public/charter school. It has been great for him in so many ways. He gets the math and science he craves and breaks when needed. He gets some of his services through it as well like speech, social group and Occupational Therapy. He has made a few friends and now I see so much more time with him might be what I needed.

    I was missing him. He makes me laugh, he challenges me and makes me a better person.

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