Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bubbling up with T-ball

I signed Jacob up for t-ball and I have to admit that after 7 practices things are going fairly well. I mean, who is counting anyway right? He has parts of it he loves and others you can just tell his attention span is fading. I was a bit picky in what t-ball I signed him up for too. I mean the little guy has NEVER played organized sports and doesn't have a clue about the rules of the game. I signed him up for the more informational and skill learning class. They play one game the entire summer and I was told today it was more a showcase than a game. Thank God! Jacob is a huge sore loser and cannot control his anger sometimes in a loss. Imagine the steam coming out of your ears mad. Well that is exactly how today went anyway when they played a little game with his team. Every time he didn't get the win he used his hands to show he was bubbling up with steam and used his hands to show it blowing out his ears. Of course there are sound effects to go along with this. Not quiet and cutesy ones either. Jacob is not a withdrawn Autistic he is more the explosive and overly expressive kind. He is a sensory seeker and to be honest it can be a daunting  task to give him what he needs. Last Sunday morning is a great example of sensory seeking at its finest and of course at a public restaurant. He hummed loudly and covered his ears to hear it in his head as he banged this elbows on the table for more sound. I tried rubbing him and giving him really tight hugs as this usually works but it seemed to not be enough. You never know when he is going to need more and the wait for the food was effecting us all at this point. I am glad he didn't scream, or yell about where his food was and a quick game of tracing letters on his back and him guessing which ones I traced distracted him while we waited. I need to be honest and try harder myself to work on finding how to help him control these issues. I do have to say that telling us he is bubbling up with angry is much better than before with no way of knowing what he is feeling and him going directly into a huge meltdown. Baby steps I guess....bubbles, steam and all!

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