Friday, June 27, 2014


 So ever since Jacob was little he had a boogie. I have no idea why he calls his blanket this!!!! A blanket that he loves rubbing under his nose, wrapping around his head and sniffing.  Yes I said sniffing. I know it is some comfort for him, sensory or calming, I don't know. We started with these baby blue fuzzy fleece ones and we had backups too. They had "baby boy" on one or baby like symbols on them. Around his 3rd Christmas Santa delivered a space themed one because the baby ones were too... you  I think Santa just knew that we needed to grow up in the blanket department. Also a backup Eric Carl one was bought shortly after because a backup always happens to be needed once in a while. I am proud of him recently with being able to use the backup for a longer time.We left the space one at my parents house and a meltdown happened but he was easily diverted to the thought of the backup at home. It has been two weeks and he loves the thought that Papa and Nema are taking care of it.
     This blanket has come with all sorts of challenges. Just like a pacifier we have had to wean him off it. It is only a home thing now. Before it was doctors appointments, preschool, car rides and everywhere. Now  it is trips and at home occasionally he asks to take it for the car ride. Trying to keep a socially unacceptable thing from the public is hard. I mean he is 6 and quiet frankly he has way more socially unacceptable behaviors. I don't think it is going to be years from now until it is not a part of his daily life. We gotta pick our battles sometimes. I thought cutting the nasty corner off and resewing it was going to be hard. I guess he has taught me that he is way more flexible than I thought and I don't give him enough credit. He surprises me in  so many ways and I love watching him grow before my eyes. We all need a good cuddle with our favorite boogie.

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