Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jelly on the Belly

Since he was 6 months old we have had to get Jacob regular ultrasounds on his kidneys due to a genetic condition both he and his sister have. It is called Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome. Here is a link to explain: Basically an overgrowth syndrome and he had mild features at birth, but since his older sister had the kidney cancer associated with it we have him checked every three months. He will be getting these until 8 years old so we still have a year and half left. I try to make  it as fun as I can and distract him during it. At least it is painless unlike the blood tests they did until age 3. He loves calling it jelly on his belly and popping bubbles while we do the scans. Lately he is into watching his organs move while they do the scan. This week he managed to talk the technician into looking at his breakfast swimming in his belly and see his intestines and bladder. Only a matter of time before he asks to do it himself. Scans were clear, so I can now relax until November....