Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer Break

    This is a unpublished post I was working on last summer and the same feelings have come back yet again as summer approaches:

     I miss my little man. I for years have felt like I have missed out on spending time during his preschool years until now and 4 summers worth. I don't think people realize how much time he spends in therapy. It's 40 hours a week! Its like having a job. I take him out for special occasions, family outings, and appointments, but I feel a gaping hole that  I haven't spent the time with him that I wanted too. I know it's for the best because we have been told many times early intervention is so important and insurance typically in the past starts dropping hours at this age. It is interesting that the insurance companies say he can get that at the public school system. Just so you know, they do not have ABA nor do they implement it in their program. In fact after giving them suggestions to do so in kindergarten and them not doing so we saw how that ended. It was a nightmare that I don't want to repeat.
    I hope this sacrifice is worth it. I for now have to pack in all the fun we can when he does get to be home!

I hope that I can pack in as many memories as I can in his time off in this coming summer like we did last summer as well.

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