Monday, May 19, 2014

Going to the next country

Imagine your child taking off at a outdoor party to the end of the property. Not just a city lot we are talking here a good 2 acres or more and isn't stopping. He wants to leave the country he says. Leave the country? He is upset because he had to share the teeter-totter and I yelled at him for throwing sticks at other kids who were on the teeter-totter and then hurt his foot on it. Serious extremes....wants to leave the country. I think he just was uncomfortable with all the kids around, not feeling like he fit in. He tried kick ball, thank God tried. I just wish he could feel the joy of playing with all the kids. Maybe it was too much, maybe too much stimulation. I don't know. I feel like throwing my hands up sometimes. But really another country?  Maybe he wanted to be secure at home. I was super excited he could get the opportunity to play with other kids. Yet he doesn't seem to care. Maybe if  it isn't important to him, why make it important to me?  He is happy doing what he wants. Now I guess I need to make sure he stays in this "country".....

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