Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reflecting on Schooling Choices

I am reflecting today on what has happened this last year and what our plans are for next years school year. I take time each week to think about this. Questioning what would be the next step for Jacob, to public school or not. Last year I feel like we put too much faith in the school and in Jacobs abilities to cope with all the changes. He had numerous problems but once we hit a breaking point where he had a huge anxiety attack we were done. Pulled him out, yep pulled him out of school! This was the scariest thing we have ever done. I know he will be fine, and to be honest I have been questioning public school for years.
    The long day was enough for him but when we break it down it is transitions he cant handle. Moving from a preferred activity to a non preferred activity are the hardest. We are looking at a few options for him. Montessori and homeschooling are at the top of the list. This next year is homeschooling with as much ABA therapy as we can do. Since he is academically ahead right now I feel like it is the best fit. Next year will be filling in any gaps for first grade he might be missing. Right now we are working on his strengths which are reading and math. We had him academically tested as well as an IQ test done. We wanted the tests done to help us know where he was and to work on any weaknesses. Right now, the only weaknesses are not academics. At least not kindergarten or even first grade academics for him. He has tested at fourth grade reading level and third grade math. He is a sponge when it comes to these topics so I am not surprised. But I am worried he will pass me up quickly! I am up for the challenge and see what we can work on instead of the the basics. Social and group activities are going to be at the top of my list as well as his writing. He dislikes writing for some reason and maybe even some art thrown in for good measure!

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