Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Double Edged Sword

Jacob is obsessed with "The Magic School Bus" books right now. He sleeps with them, carries them around all day when at home. Reads them at least once a day and  now I made the discovery of the shows on our Netflix account..... so now he is asking to watch them everyday. Mostly the space ones and he seems OCD about it. But like all of his OCD things they change without warning. Like he gets as much out of the topic or show and then is done. I love the books and they have him thinking about space and now the human body. He is asking for additional books and materials on the subjects too. He is pretty much self guiding his own education and it is scary. He is rattling off facts and numbers to me all day long. Yesterday morning we had our Jerry Maguire moment. He blurts out that my brain is 3 lbs , his is 2 lbs and a baby's is 1 lb. So I picture that adorable kid in the movie.....ya he just said that and I say are you now going to tell me bees sense fear? I am amazed at times and frustrated by the constant nagging to watch the Planet Magic School Bus episode for the 80th time.  But I give in once in awhile. It makes me think of the book I just read  The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius by 

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