Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just don't ask him to sit still

You can ask Jacob about plants vs zombies and you'll get an answer. Just don't ask him to sit still. Seriously he is the squirmiest kid I know!  It is as if you dumped fire ants on him sometimes. I know its a sensory thing. He needs extra input which is deep pressure or needs to get up and run around. It always seems to be when we are sitting down to eat or he is needing to be still. Waiting rooms are a nightmare!!!!  This was a huge issue waiting for speech and social group this year. I always got irritated by the staff telling him what to do right after I just asked him to. As if them asking is going to magically make him listen.  I bring things for him to do. I have little fidgets like transformers, or puzzle games. Which seems to help but if there is a delay or anything else that catches his eye, he can get antsy. Hugs seem to help but you never know when the need arises. We are working on him expressing this need and to let us know when he needs this extra input. It is slow going, so if you see us and he is running circles around us, just smile and give us a wave and don't forget to ask him about plants vs zombies.

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