Monday, October 13, 2014

The Cooper-Eager Observation

    We have stumbled upon the television series The Big Bang Theory. I have so much to say about Sheldon and now why I am now sucked into watching it.  I'm not one for watching shows that deal with what is going on with our family. I like the idea of escape and started to watch it this year just because I heard it was good. I had no idea I would get hooked on watching The Big Bang Theory and seeing so many similarities between Sheldon and Jacob. I know the writers say Sheldon doesn't have aspergers. I have read the articles and don't care if he is labeled that or not. What I do care about is how he is portrayed and how the other characters treat him. He doesn't need a label to see his struggles socially and what others find as his quirks are what I see as a combination of asperger like qualities. This page explains many and even talks about them in context of the show.(
    What I love about the show is how even with all his personality quirks his friends try to understand him and in many ways try to help him with social issues he struggles with.  There are times where they are super frustrated in what he has said or done and try to explain to him what he has done is not acceptable behavior. It in a way gives me hope of people excepting Jacob and all his quirks. This week I have watched Jacobs manners around others and see that he struggles understanding them.  Also Jacob's way to start a conversion has changed from "excuse me" to "I want to say something".  He seems more patient in waiting to take turns and excepting no.
       He also went off telling me how much more brain power he had over mine. The little stinker knows he is smarter than others and sounded so like Sheldon in that moment I wanted to scream. I told him how rude that was to say that and that being smart also means knowing when not to say something that could hurt others feelings. I am so glad he is getting more ABA therapy this year and working on his behaviors instead of being at school full time. I have news in the school department but will write about that next post. His focus on his behaviors I think will be more beneficial in the long run.

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