Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Leaps and Bounds

We are moving in leaps and bounds! He definitely caught me off guard this week  with his educational plan. It
has me second guessing what material we should be working on. I am proud to say that I have moved him to second grade but in a more restrained manner. He is actually in 3 grade math and now fourth grade reading.  I am trying my best to get through skills that he hasn't done so he doesn't have too many splinter skills. His pace is months ahead of where I thought we should be and at this rate we will be in third grade by January for english skills. Just the other day I checked in his math program and the little stinker is moving up to fourth grade math! Sometimes I just have to take in the awes of Autism. These moments when I see the bright little man we have make up for all the days we struggle just to get our shoes on or even get that shower done in the morning!

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